• Meridian Home Start is a company set up by the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Our purpose is to provide high-quality affordable homes for local working families to rent. These homes are available to working Greenwich residents at discounted rents. We are here to help working families who would otherwise find it hard to buy or rent on the open market.

      Meridian Home Start is a Community Benefit Society and fully independent of the Council. Unlike the local authority, Meridian is free from the restrictions on borrowing imposed by the government. 

      Meridian Home Start is an exciting new initiative within Greenwich for working families. Together with other initiatives within the borough of Greenwich, such as the Council's own Local Authority New Build programme, Meridian Home Start represents a significant opportunity for the Royal Borough to achieve its objective of increasing the supply of affordable housing in the borough.

      Meridian Home Start have begun working on building just over 200 new affordable homes across six sites, with rent levels to be set at or below 65 per cent local market rent levels.